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Are you MASTER or slave?
Let your pewter play piece represent your Dominant or submissive character and place each on its appropriate Path.

Enter from the "DUNGEON GATE" and travel through the portals of each of the 12 REALMS... The unique REALMS have many surprises, both good and bad, awaiting the traveler that stops to rest within its domain.

Click the 3 sample REALMS to peek inside...

Dragon Realm
Dragon Lair

Garden Realm
Pleasure Gardens

Gothic Realm
House of Goth

Curious about the "Reward and Punishment"?
Those actions are dictated by the draw of the RUFHORSE playing cards...
Now you have the choice of "Basic Play"..enjoy the picture card and complete the directions or "REALTIME INTERACTIVE" play... Perform the indicated ROLEPLAY action as the game stops and all players sit back and enjoy your performance in Live Session.

Fear not...
The "DUNGEON MASTER" controls the level of roleplay performed. No one gets hurt in this game, they just experience some new variations in exciting adult party play.




The 12 Realms of The Master's Path
Castle Ruins

House of Body Art


Room of Ropes
Auction Block

Newbie Land
Royal Realm
House of Goth
Pleasure Gardens Class Room Doctors Office Dragons Lair